Coconut Cup 2010
1st place - South Florida final at Oleta...
FSC Markham Park
1st and 3rd place, 2010...
60 mile Oleta Challenge
1st place, 2009...
Hospice 100k 2010
1st place in the Base Team at Markham...
Diego B...
XC - 1 (30-39)
Leonardo C...
XC - 1 (40-49)
Victor C...
XC - 2 (40-49)
Jimmy S...
XC - 3 (40-49)

The history of mountain bike racing in Florida dates back to the late 1980s. It wasn't until 1993 that Gone Riding held their first race.

1st place - Florida Series at Alafia, 2010

1st place - Coconut Cup at Amelia, 2009

1st place - La Roootaaa #4 at Oleta, 2010

3rd place - FSC #1 in Tallahassee, 2010

3rd place - US Cup East Race #1, 2011


Since  the beginning of the new millennium, we have been dedicated to enjoying and promoting the sport of mountain biking. We ride as many trails as we can all over the state of Florida and out of state, as well. Due to circumstances in life, some of us have gone our separate ways.


I wish the best to all members and anyone who has ever participated in the team in all those years. See you in the trails!



                                                                                                  -Moises Inoa


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