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Tania Johnson

 I really enjoy spending time with genuine people,  those who are a positive influence in my life. 


My special talent is dancing to Latin Music. My philosophy of life is believing that anything is possible. My favourite food is Italian. The most important thing in my life is my health and the health of my family and friends. My favourite music is musica Cubana.



I was born in Rome, Italy.  Raised in Germany and the US, spoke German as my first language.  Lived most of my adult life in Texas.  Learned to speak Spanish while living there and fell in love with latin music and dance.  Started mountain biking in 1992 in Austin, Texas and after an almost 20 year break, renewed my passion for riding.  I am an RN and love my job.  I am single and share a home with my pitbull Rosco and I am on the PFN SpeedLab team and being trained by coach Fillipo Barbieri.