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Simone Berger

Multiple-time champion of Florida!

 When I’m not working, I love to play tennis,  dance salsa,  and go mountain biking.
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I was born on October 27, 1988 in Pinellas Park, Florida. My special talent 

is professional salsa dancing. My philosophy of life is I ride a lot so I can eat a lot. My favourite food is ice cream, cookies, pizza, anything bad for you. The most important thing in my life is having fun, preferably with a bike between your legs. My favourite music is alternative rock.



I've been riding for about three years, with two state championships and coconut cups. This past year was my first year in expert and I got third overall in the state. I live in the middle of the city in downtown Miami and I work as a videographer. I love to go on long rides along the beach, and play with everyone's dog.