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Mose Howard

Enthusiast of Life. 


 Pro racer!

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My special talent is I would say my diverseness. My philosophy of life is Work hard to achieve what you want. My favourite food is many of Jennifer's (wife) home cooked meals... Lasagna is probably the winner for me!. The most important thing in my life is My kids and their health, along with my obligation and investment to layout a successful path for them. My favourite music is multi-genre, with country being my mainstay.



Born (7/13/1973) and raised in Tampa; graduated USF in '97 with bachelors of science degree in Civil Engineering; Professional Engineer licensed in FL (2004). Grew up always active and outside, with doing "just enough" to get through schooling! I learned multiple home/auto/motorcycle skills and trades from helping my dad (general contractor) throughout life. This has provided me the ability to be versatile and self sufficient with a variety of things in life and really be independent. It reverts back to my philosophy in that you can achieve what you want if you want it bad enough and work hard to get it.... Be independent and go after it, not relying on others and not making excuses. You will fail many times and fall short many times and it surely ain't gonna be easy, but champions get back up refocus and go after it again and again until they get it!.