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Josselyn Gutierrez

 I am the 5th fastest woman in Florida mountain  biking and I'm so proud of it!.


 Pro racer!

My special talent is to bring people together for fun times. My philosophy of life is to live passionately every day. My favourite food is anything that is edible! Truly, I like to explore all types of foods. But pizza, I can pizza all day every day. PizzaThe most important thing in my life is my family and my bikes. My favourite music is Latin Jazz & Ballads, and Mexican Rancheras. Yep! 



I Born in 1987 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Moved to Florida, USA in 2001 permanently, where I discovered the sport that would change my life forever in 2011. I am proudly sponsored by Alex's Bike Pro Shop, and my goal is to leave a mark in the history of our sport in Florida, as a female that hopes to excel amongst the men, while inspiring and encouraging other females to join our revolution! FL MTB Chicks rock!


I give myself entirely to the things and people I love, that's the only thing I'm absolutely, 100% positively good at.

Thankfully I have a loving family that understands my passion for cycling and supports me all the way. I was born to be a mountain biker.