Florida State Championship Series at

Hardrock Cycle Park in Ocala.

FSC Race # 3

By: Moises Inoa, October 07, 2013


This week's race celebrates the 20th anniversary of the tournament where it all started, Hardrock Cycle Park. Mountain bikers aren't usually allowed here as it is actually a motorcross and 4x4 track.


The 5-mile circuit begins with a huge climb, which is then succeeded by more brutal climbs and awesome downhills.

The third race of the tournament was initiated with the team time trial on Saturday. Natalie's came in first place, resulting in an excellent average time of 23 minutes per lap.


The sun was shining beautifuly on Sunday morning as a massive crowd came out for the cross country race. All of the jumps and features of the MX track made it exceptionally fun.


Bob McCarty

XC 1 - Pro

The coach Bob McCarty positioned himself in first place with his second win in the series.

Troy Zimmerman

XC-1 GM -(50-99)

Troy conquered first place in the Grand Master category with a total time of 96.21 minutes in 4 laps.


Guillermo Jaramillo

XC -3 GM (60-99)

Jaramillo comfortably gained first place. This victory marks the third consecutive win for him.


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