Florida State Championship Series at

Loyce E Harpe Park in Lakeland.

FSC Race # 7 

From: Tom Pike, November 18, 2013


The infamous Carter Road, officially now called Loyce E. Harpe Park, is known for the "Fingers" trails , fast singletrack and alligators in the water next the trails.


How could you not love this stop on the Specialized Florida State Championship series! 

The course started in the normal way that it has in the past few years. Then instead of heading out to the fingers we crossed the road and did.


The Beast, Roller Coaster and the trails along West Clay Road in reverse... A nice change I thought. It was a little dicey crossing traffic near the dog park, but volunteers acting is crossing guards kept it safe.



Drew Edsall

XC 1 - Pro

Coach Drew came back to the Florida Series and conquered first place. He's sponsored by Kenda.

Dwayne Allgire

XC 1- (40-49)

Allgire gained his fifth victory in the tournament. Sponsored by Bent Cycling, he is in first place.

Chris Fry

XC-2 (19-29)

Sponsored by Alex Bicycles, Chris attained his first victory this season, placing him in the lead by one point.

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