2019 Florida MTB Series


The 27th Annual Florida State Mountain Bike Championship series "FSC" is brought to you by Goneriding.com 


September, 14th-15th.

We had a great time at the first race of the series at Tom Brown Park.

With Austin Berger, Alaina Casioppo, Bob McCarty,  Troy Zimmerman, and Allison Anjos. 

September, 29th.

It was a beautiful day at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

With Austin Berger, Madison Mcdaniel, Bob McCarty, Troy Zimmerman, and Alecio Goncalves. 

October, 6th.

It was a beautiful day at the Coconut Cup #1 at Markham Park.

With Bob McCarty, Tim Zimmerman, Troy Zimmermam, Charlie Haimes and Kelly Jones. 

It was a great day at San Felasco Trails!

October, 20th.

With Bob McCarty, Sophie Allen, Renan Dolabella, Karin Cabrera and Allison Anjos.

October, 27th.

Full Video!.... Coming Soon at Loyce E Harpe Park!

With Bob McCarty, Luiz Oliveira, Moises Senti, Adriana Arevalo and Antonio Guzman.

November  10th.

It was a great day at Caloosahatchee Regional Park!

With Bob McCarty, Kelly Jones, Renan Dolabella, Simone Berger and Allison Anjos.

November  17th.

It was a great cold day at Alafia River State Park!

With Bob McCarty, Brooke Foster, Renan Dolabella, Angel Rodriguez.

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