2018 Florida MTB Series


The 26th Annual Florida State Mountain Bike Championship series "FSC" is brought to you by Goneriding.com 


September, 15th-16th.

We had a great time at the first race of the series at Tom Brown Park.

With Austin Berger, Kayley Burdine, Bob McCarty,  Martin Nadeau, and Jonathan Perez. 

September, 30th.

It was an awesome weekend at Ft Clinch State Park .

With Austin Berger, Bob McCarty, Jordan Swingle, and Alaina Casioppo. 

October, 7th.

The race at Markham Park  was truly great.

With Johan Hagstrom, BenJammin Finaske, Kelly Jones, and Bob McCarty. 

October, 21st.

We had a wonderful day at  San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park.

With Austin Berger, Tim Zimmerman, Bob McCarty, Michael Mace, and Alaina Casioppo. 

October, 28th.

The race was on a wonderful day at Caloosahatchee Regional Park.

With Austin Berger, Beata Wronska, Bob McCarty, Jordan Swingle, and Benjammin Finaske. 

 November 10th & 11th.

Race #6 of the Florida Championship at Carter Road Trails was a great day.

 With David Berger, Michael Mace, Jordan Swingle, Bob McCarty, Pax Tolosi, and BenJammin Finaske!

 November 18th

We had a wonderful day at one of the most beautiful trails in Florida at Alafia River State Park.

 With Bob McCarty, Alaina Casioppo, Jordan Swingle, Mike Kolanko, David Friedley, Freddy Viera, and Seth Zaluski.

 December 9th

Variety is where the difference is!  We had it all at the race at Hailes Trails!

 With Bob McCarty, Alaina Casioppo, Jordan Swingle, Angel Rodriguez, Pax Tolosi, and Austin Berger.

 December 16th

The grand finale was an unforgettable at Santos Trails!

 With Bob McCarty, Alaina Casioppo, Jordan Swingle, Kelly Jones, and Austin Berger.


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